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walking right

Today on the subway...

Today I took my friend laradwyer out for dinner. I promised her a dinner if she didn't get the job she interviewed for and - sadly for the company - they didn't offer her the job. It was good to chat with Lara through dinner. Amongst the things we talked about was the shirt I happened to be wearing. I was telling Lara that normally nobody will admit to reading it since it says, in slightly manic white letters on a plain black shirt, "By reading this, you have given me brief control of your mind."

The conversation continued through dinner and afterwards, all the way down the streetcar line to the Spadina subway station. Since we go in opposite directions when we reach the subway, we said our goodbyes and headed down to the platforms, her heading East and myself heading West.

When the subway arrived, I took a seat across from two girls who subsequently burst out laughing. Having been made fun of in my youth, I'm a little sensitive to that sort of thing so I only realized they were laughing at my shirt when the girl on the left broke the ice by telling me that she liked it.

When each of them left the subway train, we wished each other goodnight with a smile.

It's these kinds of tiny, personal experiences that make me realize that Toronto really is my home. The longer I stay, the more I love this city.


walking right

January 2009

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