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walking right

+1 Website of Kickassitude

Several months ago, I registered the domain name "rocketsurgeons.net" more or less on a whim. One of my friends from school made frequent references to not being a Rocket Surgeon and the name stuck to our little group, so I decided we needed a website.

I paid for cheap web hosting at Dreamhost (and have never been happier with a web host, I might add - they upgraded everybody's storage from 20GB to 200GB this past month, for example). The site stayed idle with nothing but a basic PHPbb forum for the entire Summer. As September neared, I thought about what I was going to do with it for the school year, eventually deciding to run an unofficial community site for my school program. The first week of September, I sat down to get to work.

I am very pleased with how well the site has turned out. It's not as spectacular as a professional site but it's easily the best work I've ever done. There's still some polish to be applied, rounded corners to be added, etc. but I'm quite happy with it. It might also seem more impressive if I mention that I hand-coded the entire thing using Notepad2. I'm especially proud of the rogues gallery. Although you might not find much of interest to you personally, please do feel free to wander over and take a look around.


Huh. An occasional catchphrase of mine is "It ain't rocket surgery", usually in reference to some task that requires brute force rather than intellectual horsepower.

If the site takes on a life of its own after school finishes, I'd be interested to see what direction it takes. I may even remember to swing by there before then.
"As for what a Rocket Surgeon is... well, nobody really seems to know. But Rocket Surgery is harder than it looks."

This made me laugh. :)
Yeah, there's a good reason for that.


Things are great.
walking right

January 2009

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